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Swadharma Jaggery comes of handpicked Sugar Cane, ethically grown under the strict invigilation of Mother Nature, conventionally processed as per the Ayurvedic rulebook.

…and Swadharma packs it under the spell of Vedic Chants and Herbs.

In Small Batches and Ethically Procured, 100 % sugar cane is Stored and Processed in Strict Sterlized Condition of which comes Swadharma Gurh.

Owing to Molasses, Swadharma Jaggery (gurh) is rich in vitamins B, C and minerals.

• Prevents Respiratory Problems

• Helps with weight loss

• Controls blood pressure

• Great source of energy

• Aids in relieving menstrual pain

• Prevents anemia

• Purifies the body

• Detoxifies the liver

• No Artificial Fragrances and Colors

• Sans Harmful Chemicals and Additives

Why Swadharma is Unique !

नातिश्लेष्मकरो धौत: सृष्टमूत्रशकृत् गुड:</span style=”color:blue”>

प्रभूतकृमि मज्जासृक् मेदोमांस

Unrefined or unwashed jaggery is

Sakshara – slightly alkaline

Natisheeta – not very coolant

Snigdha – oily, unctuous

Mutrashodhaka – cleanses bladder and urine

Raktashodhaka – cleanses and purifies blood

Vataghna – balances Vata

Na ati pittajit – decreases Pitta slightly

Medakara – increases body fat

Krumikara – causes intestinal worm infestation

Balya – increases strength

Vrushya – aphrodisiac

Majjakara – It increases the quantity of marrow

Asruk kara – improves blood

Medo Mamsakara – increases fat and muscles

How is Jaggery made ?

The extricated cane juice is warmed and reduced. The fluid is consistently mixed and on sufficiently thickening, it is moved to a shallow skillet and permitted to cool and set into Jaggery which is then cut into blocks.

Before its formation as treacle (gurh), the sugar cane juice undergoes four stages viz.

Ardhavasheshita (when only ½ of the juice remains in the process of boiling)

Tribhaga avaseshishita (when 1/3 remains) …and Jaggery is made.

Ingredients: Native Sugarcane


1 – Aids in Losing Weight

2 – Prevents respiratory problems

3 – Controls blood pressure

4 – An Energizing Food

5 – Relieves menstrual pain

6 – Prevents anemia

7 – Purifies the body

8 – Detoxification of the liver

9 – Prevents constipation

10 – Heals Cold and Cough

11 – Reduces joint pain

12 – Purifies blood

13 – Jaggery can boost immunity

14 – Cures urinary tract problems

15- Maintains good intestinal health

Is Jaggery good for diabetes?

Diabetic patients often get sweet cravings and turn to various forms of sweeteners. Though, the ones nursing high blood sugar levels might consider jaggery a better alternative than sugar, the truth is that it too contains high levels of sugar. There is almost 65%-85% of sucrose in 10 grams of jaggery. Therefore, people with diabetes are advised to not consume it regularly. Furthermore, even Ayurveda does not recommend its consumption for diabetic patients.

How does Jaggery help in weight loss?

After considering the sugar content of jaggery, many believe that it’s fattening. On the contrary, it facilitates quick digestion since it is rich in nutrients. Moreover, it flushes out toxins from the body and cleanses the blood as well. The nutrients help to maintain electrolyte balance, thereby improving metabolism and the presence of potassium enables water retention, through which one can effectively manage their weight. Therefore, consuming this sweet nutrient-packed food in monitored amounts daily can greatly aid weight loss.


In case of an allergy to sugar cane, sugar cane juice, jaggery, please consult a physician.

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