ERAND PAK - 100 gm

ERAND PAK – 100 gm




AMRITA /100 gm


Amrita, Ayurvedic Herbal Potion – Fettle in a Kettle

Amrita – A lifestyle choice loaded with the grandeur of a rich heritage as well as the promise of a restorative body and mind. Gift the key to an able-bodied living to your dear ones today and induct them in a professionally empowered entity as well.
A power potion packed with the goodness of health and a delectable taste, Amrita. It is not just a tea, it is the mark of a sophisticated lifestyle.
Enriched with herbs and packed with the power of purity, Amrita is not just a beverage, it is a tradition. From increasing immunity to rejuvenating our body, this wonder formulation is 100% Ayurvedic.


i) It prepares the body against infections such a cold, cough and various infections on regular consumption.
ii) It revives the body due to natural anti-oxidants present in the herbs.
iii) It reduces constipation and acidity.
iv) Sipping Amrita in warm water only leads to weight loss.
v) It has a unique property of soothing the body internally.
vi) It rejuvenates the body and ensures that body feels fresh and active.
vii) It is rich in various minerals, proteins and vitamins and works as a natural health booster.
viii) It reduces the chances of heart blockage.
ix) It is rich in anti-oxidants and removes the toxins releasing in body due to premature ageing resulting from stressed lifestyle and pollution.
x) It solves any issues related to digestion.

Why Swadharma is Unique!

Packed with the goodness of eleven herbal ingredients, Swadharma presents to you a health potion – Amrita.

From functioning as an effectual energy drink to helping it infections and chronic ailments at bay, Amrita functions as the one and only remedy to a number of contagions and maladies. A simple sip of either a piping hot cup in the form of a tea, or slurp at the smoothie with Amrita added as flavor, the ways of consumption, just like the benefits, are many.

A long tiring day, risk of various diseases, a number of health complications due to lifestyle issues and challenges; this is the world we wake up every day. Fortunately, the answer to all this is just a sip away. Now is the time to append the benefits of herbs into our diet.

The daily consumption of Amrita in the form of a health drink, tea, or even chiller, refreshes the body and calms our senses, providing a holistic wellbeing to us. Now is the time to give up on the dangerous effects of caffeine, and choose Amrita as a healthy alternative.


Arjun (Terminalia Arjuna)                     1250 MG
Bajia Khataai (Rheum Emodi)             1000 MG
Dalchini (Cinnamom Umzylanicum)     1000 MG
Saunf (Foeniculum  Vulgrie)                 500 MG
Yasthimadhu (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)        125 MG
Tejpatra (Cinnamom Umtamala)           187.5 MG
Choti Elaichai (Elettaria)                        62.5 MG
Chandan (Santalum Album)                  250 MG
Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum)                       250 MG
Loung (Syzygiumaromaticum)              125 MG
Gulab (Rosa Indica)                              250 MG

How To Use

Amrita can be used in the following ways –

1. Normal Tea – You may use it as a substitute of the normal tea. The colour, flavor and taste is improved multifold.
2. Black Tea – You may drink it as a simple potion in hot water as a health booster. This method is essentially as a replacement of Green tea.
3. Milk Flavoring – You may add Amrita to hot milk with or without sugar and your health infused flavored milk is ready.
4. Lemon Tea – You may prepare Lemon Tea by using Amrita.
5. Honey Tea – Amrita may also be used as Honey Tea.
6. Chiller – It can also be added to milk with sugar and served chilled in summers as a substitute of harmful soft drinks.
7. Milkshake – Amrita may be used to prepare milkshake as well
8. Masala Tea – You may add Amrita to prepare Masala Tea along with other ingredients


Have Amrita 3-4 times a day for the best results.

Storage Conditions

Store away from direct heat, sunlight or extreme moisture.

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